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Travel with Feeling

At Posadas, sustainability and respect are part of our culture and DNA. We are a leading brand within the tourism industry, for that reason we have adopted measures and good practices that allow us to protect the environment and promote sustainable tourism. We care about nature and work to preserve environmental resources, social welfare and economic growth for the future. This work starts with local consumption and the development of communities where we operate, for the benefit of society and the national economy.

This is all part of our commitment to traveling with meaning, where we have laid the foundations of a comprehensive strategy that provides competitiveness and sustainability through:

  • The communities where we operate for the sake of the benefit of society and the national economy.
  • Compliance and alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN on its three main tenets: Environmental Sustainability, Social Sustainability and Economic Sustainability.
  • Compliance with national laws on sustainability.
  • Health care and well-being of collaborators and guests.
  • Transparency and ethical behavior.
  • Respect for the interests o related parties.
  • Respect for the principle of legality.
  • Respect for international behavior regulations.
  • Respect and promotion of human rights.

We support and participate in campaigns aimed at eliminating all forms of abuse, such as the Spotlight Initiative, a World Association between the European Union and the UN to invest in equality and empowerment of girls and women for the achievement of sustainable development objectives.