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Meditation bowls at Dos Patios Querétaro Curamoria Collection

Meditation with Tibetan bowls

Explore Our Tibetan Bowls Meditation and Find Serenity

Welcome to the Healing Power of Tibetan Bowls

Experience transformation at our holistic hotel, a sanctuary of peace and rejuvenation. At our meditation center in Querétaro, discover the healing power of Tibetan bowls, an ancient practice that promotes harmony and well-being. Through Tibetan bowl therapy, we invite you to explore the profound benefits of this age-old technique, ideal for those looking to overcome stress and negative emotions.

Participate in sessions where you will learn the purposes of Tibetan bowls, experiencing firsthand how their vibrations and sounds work to balance your energy, facilitating a state of unparalleled tranquility and inner connection. Our holistic approach offers a unique experience, combining ancient wisdom with modern wellness practices.

Give your spirit the gift of calm and self-awareness in an environment designed for introspection and healing. Become part of a community that values balance and serenity, discovering how Tibetan bowls meditation can make a difference in your life. At our holistic hotel in Querétaro, you will find not only a haven of tranquility but also a path to a more fulfilling and conscious life.


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