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Welcome to Curamoria Huayacán Cuernavaca - A Sustainable Oasis

Welcome to Curamoria Huayacán Cuernavaca, a refuge where sustainability meets luxury in every corner. Our commitment to the planet is manifested in our comprehensive operation, from 100% efficient lighting to our solar-heated pool, demonstrating that comfort and environmental responsibility can coexist harmoniously.

In the heart of our hotel, a bamboo forest stands as a green lung, absorbing 85 tons of CO2 annually and marking our efforts in the fight against climate change. We feed our restaurant with the freshest and tastiest food from our farm and organic vegetables, where the cycle of life is completed with our composting program, transforming waste into valuable resources.

Our chemical-free biopool, along with the preservation of endemic flora, invites our guests to a deep immersion in the local biodiversity, offering a sanctuary for body and soul. Curamoria Huayacán Cuernavaca promises a stay where every detail supports practices that respect the environment, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Discover an unparalleled stay at Curamoria Huayacán Cuernavaca, not only a place to sleep, but a destination to live unique moments, appreciate pre-Hispanic art, and reconnect with nature. Just 15 minutes from the center of Cuernavaca, we offer a fusion experience with nature, designed for those who dream of a refuge that respects both the planet and the comfort of its guests. Be part of a conscious movement, enjoying the tranquility and responsible luxury that only Curamoria Huayacán Cuernavaca can offer.

This text combines the elements provided to create a cohesive and attractive message that highlights both the hotel's unique characteristics and its commitment to sustainability and responsible luxury, aimed at those seeking meaningful and environmentally friendly experiences.


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