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Visiting Cuernavaca is an extraordinary experience. In addition to a beautiful climate, there are always plenty of wonderful events that you will love. Get to know our culture, art, fun, folklore and traditions. Stay with us at Huayacán Curamoria, and fall in love with the destination.

Local Attractions

Theater-style set-up in an event room at One Hotels

WTC Morelos

The Morelos WTC is an elegant venue whose proximity to Mexico City makes it even more attractive.

Interior of Robert Brady Museum near Curamoria Collection

Museo de Robert Brady

This incredible museum contains the personal collection of Robert Brady

Close-up of a variety of flowers in a garden near One Hotels

Jardines de México

Maximize your capacity for astonishment in the Gardens of Mexico.

Centro cultural Borda Garden near Curamoria Collection

Centro cultural Borda Garden

This mansion was the summer home of the wealthy Taxco miner, José de la Borda.

Low-angle view of Cortes Palace near Curamoria Collection

Cortes Palace

With the aim of using it as a residence, Hernán Cortés ordered the construction of this imposing palace, which is built in a medieval style and resembles a fortress

Teopanzolco Pyramid & Museum near Curamoria Collection

Piramide y Museo Teopanzolco

The Piramide y Museo Teopanzolco Is one of the world's most awarded architectural works. It has been home to over 200 events and has welcomed thousands of visitors.

Cathedral Exconvent of the Assumption near Curamoria Collection

Cathedral Exconvent of the Assumption

This cathedral was established in 1525 by a group of 12 Franciscans who were known for their evangelization of Mexico.

Ruins of Xochicalco Archeological site, Curamoria Collection

Ruins of Xochicalco Archeological Site

Xochicalco is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a fortified political, religious and commercial center from the period of 650–900 that followed the break-up of the great Mesoamerican states such as Teotihuacan, Monte Albán, Palenque and Tikal.

A bus at speed in Metrobus station near Fiesta Inn


Find the nearby place to do the shopping. In this shopping center, located at km 87.5 of the Mexico-Acapulco Highway, you can have access to different department stores if you need it.