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Things to do

Live Aqua Private Residences La Paz offers you the opportunity to indulge in the myriad attractions of this enchanting city. Our exclusive location grants you access to the most captivating sites in La Paz, Baja California Sur. From the iconic Kiosco Malecón and the serene Sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe to the sun-kissed shores of El Coromuel Beach and the bustling Marina Cortez Sport Fishing Marina, our residence puts you in the heart of it all.

Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of La Paz by exploring the Whale Museum, delving into the city's history at the La Paz Museum, or strolling through the charming historic downtown. Additionally, our residence provides convenient proximity to the most picturesque beaches in southern Mexico, promising unforgettable moments of relaxation and enjoyment.

When orchestrating your exploration of La Paz, our dedicated Concierge team at Live Aqua Private Residences is poised to elevate your experience. Count on them to curate personalized recommendations for exciting activities and attractions, as well as to assist you with tour arrangements, ticket bookings, transportation, and any other needs you may have.

Local attractions

Aerial drone view of Saona Island near One Hotels

Isla Espirítu Santo

A wonderful destination where you can swim with sea lions and learn about the biodiversity of this protected natural area.

Kiosco El Malecón

Stroll and savor the boardwalk, where you'll discover bars and restaurants boasting breathtaking views of the coastline, all while admiring the artistic masterpieces that embellish this waterfront promenade.

Santuario de la Virgen de Guadalupe

This modern church comes to life during festivals. It features a beautiful dome and a fabulous interior filled with religious artwork. The Sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe is a religious gem with a marvelous dome located in the center of La Paz.

Playa Coromuel

This breathtaking beach has been transformed into a water park, complete with spiral slides that wind their way down to the sea. Enjoy a variety of water sports and marvel at the playful dolphins.

Museo de la ballenas

Explore a remarkable collection of whale and turtle skeletons that unveils the fascinating underwater life of the region. The Whale Museum in La Paz stands out as both an entertaining and educational attraction. 

Puerto deportivo Marina Cortez

At the southernmost point of the Malecón, discover a harbor that offers delightful dining choices, breathtaking scenery, and modern facilities for boat owners. 

Museo de La Paz

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of the region's past as you explore prehistoric rock paintings and engaging temporary exhibits. The Museum of Anthropology and History of Baja California Sur unfolds the captivating history of the area through a diverse array of displays. 

Playa Balandra

Balandra Beach, situated in the state of Baja California Sur, stands as one of the stunning gems within the Municipality of La Paz. This coastal haven is nestled within a protected natural area, accessible from La Paz by car, taxi, or bus, with a journey lasting around 30 minutes. 


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