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Cigar - Bar Casa Dragones

Dining tables arranged in Casa Dragones bar at Live Aqua Resort San Miguel de Allende

Pub | Casual

This is for those who dare to push the limits and delight in perfection. Cigar - Bar Casa Dragones is a space that invites you to taste an excellent selection of cigars and a tequila that defies the established. Inspired by the legendary dragons of San Miguel de Allende, an elite cavalry that led one of the movements that started the Independence of Mexico. Today Casa Dragones is a faithful testimony to this independent spirit. The tequilas are produced by hand and are made with the finest blue agave plants, thanks to this they have an incomparable flavor, body and aroma. Each bottle preserves the aesthetics of the brand; It is numbered, signed and dated by hand. To speak of Casa Dragones is to speak of quality, care, precision and purity. The best tequila to savor now is in the best space. Only here at Live Aqua San Miguel de Allende.

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Discover and experience the different class and tasting options we have for you:

  • Taco & wine
  • Taco & Beer
  • Sensory tasting with Casa Dragones tequila
  • Sensory tasting with tequila
  • Sensory tasting with mezcal
  • Cigar and tequila tasting

On Saturdays, every 15 days, enjoy classic live music from the South American country and delicious cocktails at our Cuban Nights.


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