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The Poolside at Live Aqua Urban Resort San Miguel De Allende

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Live the unforgettable experience
of staying in a sensory resort

A stay to share in incredible spaces.

Pamper and delight your senses in cosmopolitan spaces for demanding and sophisticated travelers who live perfection in every detail. The architectural style of the hotel is the main characteristic element of Live Aqua, which is why it is iconic, avant-garde. Innovative interior design and inspiring design that privileges natural light and spaciousness. Every detail is in perfect harmony to give life to ideal areas to get lost and found, to escape and shelter, where sensations are enlivened and pleasant moments intensify.

Open, free and playful lobby, with design and art accents that enchant. A fascinating resort, whether in the most imposing urban destination or the most beautiful beach in the country.

Where you direct your gaze there is a reason to feel. Fascinating spaces, of sublime luxury and perceptible from your arrival with incredible details, attractive pieces of art and design present even in the simplest corners, maximizing the sensory experience. The most exclusive amenities and brands are at your disposal to make your stay a perfect delight.

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