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Group of happy businesspersons clapping in a meeting room at Fiesta Americana Travelty
Banquet tables set-up in Salon Stelaris wedding venue at Fiesta Americana Travelty
Desktop computers, bookshelves & bar in a coworking space at Fiesta Americana Travelty

Groups and events in Mexico

Create your plan for that special event; everything you need is at Fiesta Americana Travelty.

Let us provide you with inspirational ideas for the projects you're about to organize. At Fiesta Americana Travelty, with a simple click, you'll not only access our preferred rates and exclusive benefits across all our brands but also have our collection of experiences at your disposal. Our exceptional platform offers countless opportunities and alternatives to plan everything you need right here, and you can easily book the best trips your clients are looking forward to experiencing in our hotels and resorts.

Business Events

Modern facilities, excellent locations

If your travel is for business purposes, you'll find state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest technology. We also offer excellent locations near convention centers to help you meet your objectives.

Conference table set up with TV in Sala De Juntas meeting room at Fiesta Americana Travelty
Close-up of two businesspersons shaking hands at Fiesta Americana Travelty

Social Events

Beautiful spaces

Each of our hotels and resorts offers incredible and beautiful spaces, terraces, and halls to host both intimate and grand events. Your guests will be delighted by the warm hospitality and unparalleled service that define us.

Select your destination and the specific details you desire, and rest assured that a team of experts will be at your service, providing creative, practical, and efficient solutions. In each of our locations, you'll discover the ideal setting for your celebration.

Group of friends having fun in a party at Fiesta Americana Travelty
Wine glasses toasting in a restaurant at Fiesta Americana Travelty


Adapted to the needs of your group

We offer endless possibilities for you to select the destination, concept, and venue that suit your needs for a remarkable gathering. Our committed and certified planning and catering teams provide effective and creative logistical solutions personalized to your group's requirements.

Conference set up with a large screen in a meeting room at Fiesta Americana Travelty
People in a conference room with large screen at Fiesta Americana Travelty

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