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Our Brands

More than 180 Hotels in 60 Destinations

We offer an array of options to ensure you have an unparalleled experience.

Celebrate your senses, immerse yourself in art and culture, or discover sophisticated atmospheres at Live Aqua, Curamoria Collection, and Grand Fiesta Americana. Share the joy of travel with Fiesta Americana and embark on grand adventures at The Explorean.

The freedom to create and be yourself, to follow your own rules and imagination, is found at Travelty. Rest and productivity converge at Fiesta Inn. When you seek to feel the magic of each destination, you find it at Gamma, and One accompanies you to travel light, with functionality, practicality, and all your travel needs.

There's an ideal place for every traveler. Find your destination, your space, your desire, and we'll be there with you.

Live Aqua

Sensations are endless

Live Aqua is an innovative concept that invites you to maximize enjoyment, where guests have the freedom to go wherever their desires take them.
Every detail adapts to your lifestyle. Sensations are endless, and the experience is unique.

Outdoor pool area in the facade of Live Aqua Private Residences Los Cabos
Aerial illuminated view of Live Aqua Private Residences Los Cabos at night
Official white logo of Live Aqua Resorts & Residence Club

Grand Fiesta Americana

Atmosphere of luxury & sophistication

Hotels designed for those seeking an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication, with grand details. All with excellent service based on personalized and warm attention and unmatched hospitality.

Pool with loungers towards the beach in Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun
Outdoor pool area with loungers & umbrellas by the pool at Grand Fiesta Americana Veracruz
Official white logo of Fiesta Americana Hotels & Resorts

Curamoria Collection

Collection of boutique hotels

A collection of boutique hotels that invites travelers to contemplate the beauty of each destination and admire it through art, culture, gastronomy, and the stories that surround them. Intimate spaces that highlight the guest's taste for the extraordinary.

2 Couples enjoying the view while sitting next to the pool at Fiesta Americana Travelty
People enjoying the sea from standing on the beach near Fiesta Americana Travelty
Official white logo of Curamoria Collection used at Fiesta Americana Travelty

Fiesta Americana

Unforgettable stay in the best destinations

Hotels that provide an unforgettable stay in the best destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean, where Mexican charm and hospitality are notable. Open, avant-garde, warm, and comfortable spaces that invite you to share memorable moments with family and friends.

Reception area with laptops of Fiesta Americana Pabellón M
Close-up of wine bottles lined-up on a bar counter at Fiesta Americana Travelty
Official white logo of Fiesta Americana Hotels & Resorts

The Explorean

Disconnect from the everyday life

The Explorean allows you to disconnect from the everyday to be fascinated by the natural beauty and embark on a journey of self-discovery through outdoor activities in beautiful natural locations, with the safety and comfort of a world-class resort.

Girl enjoying with a dolphin in a pool near Fiesta Americana Travelty
Couple enjoying in a tour bus on street near Fiesta Americana Travelty
The white logo of Explorean used at Fiesta Americana Travelty

Fiesta Inn

A balance between productivity and rest

We have evolved into a new concept with greater adaptability for a new lifestyle. We offer accommodation options with the same quality of service, more flexible, generating a balance between productivity and rest to meet the different needs and experiences of each of our guests, especially for those who are also looking for a place to disconnect.

TV facing by the bed in One Bedroom Residence at Live Aqua Private Residences Los Cabos
Outdoor cabanas with palm trees at Liva Aqua Private Residences Vallarta
Official white logo of Fiesta Inn Hoteles used at Fiesta Americana Travelty


The charm of Mexico

The essence of each destination and the charm of Mexico are enjoyed in our safe and comfortable hotels, which preserve their unique style and personality to continue telling their own stories, offering warm service that will make travelers feel at home. It is the best option to discover the culture through gastronomy, history, and local traditions.

People enjoying on loungers while having drinks at Fiesta Americana Travelty
A kid enjoying the outdoor swimming pool at Fiesta Americana Travelty
Official white logo of Gamma Hoteles


Innovative self-service concept

With an innovative self-service concept, we are the practical choice for travelers looking for a hotel that provides rest, safety, and easy-to-access technology. For those who want friendly service, included breakfast, and surprising details, all at a fair price. Because with one, you can travel for work or leisure, as well as plan a weekend getaway.

Lady in pajamas using laptop & notebook on the bed in a room at Fiesta Americana Travelty
Champagne bottle with glasses arranged on an outdoor table at Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun
Official white logo of One Hoteles