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Each destination is a hymn to the senses. Immerse yourself in the sophistication, the serenity, and the sensory delight of our new locations.


Hotel exterior & outdoor pool with sun loungers & canopies at Fiesta Americana Travelty


Discover the essence of Cabos in this refuge by the sea.
In the heart of this paradise, Live Aqua invites you to experience unforgettable moments with your family. At these residences, nature and luxury blend together to provide a stay that exceeds all expectations. Learn more

Outdoor cabanas with palm trees at Liva Aqua Private Residences Vallarta


Dive into the exclusivity of the Marina Vallarta residences, where every detail reflects the essence of this emblematic coastal location. Enjoy a unique experience in the heart of Mexico, where tradition and modernity blend together. Learn more

Outdoor sun loungers with canopies in Fachada Casona at Fiesta Americana Travelty


Discover an experience that goes beyond traditional luxury, in a place where the ocean gives way to the land and cultural traditions blend with contemporary conveniences. Book with us and let yourself be surrounded by the magic of Huatulco. Learn more

Dining table & kitchen area of Live Aqua Private Residences La Paz

Live Aqua Private Residences La Paz

Beyond the blue horizon waits a beautiful day; goodbye to things that bore you, joy is waiting for you: what had only been the lyric of an old song is now the reality you contemplate from your balcony in Live Aqua Private Residences La Paz. An infinite blue were it not be for the beauty of the docked yachts on which your neighbors arrive, or for that equally luxurious expanse of green.

Exterior view of the hotel and its amenities at Live Aqua San Miguel de Allende

Live Aqua San Miguel De Allende

The stunning design of Live Aqua San Miguel de Allende, located near the Obraje Dam, beautifully captures the historical richness and cultural charm of one of the most beautiful locales in Mexico, internationally listed as one of the best cities in the world.

Outdoor pool area with sunbeds by charming thatched huts at Fiesta Americana Travelty

Naay Tulum Curamoria Collection

Naay Tulum Curamoria is one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in Tulum. Its charming architecture will inspire you with its elegance and authenticity. Naay comes from the Mayan language and means "dreams". Our hotel is characterized by its cosmopolitan atmosphere and each of its spaces invites you to dream in an exclusive world surrounded by art and culture.


Interior of two bedroom residence full kitchen with dining table, counter with stools & pantry at Fiesta Americana Travelty

Your home, your schedule

Double reception in the hotel lobby at Fiesta Americana Travelty

Your home at your fingertips

TV & comfy sofa in living area of Grand Club Marina Condo at Fiesta Americana Travelty

Planned Expenses

Outdoor dining set-up by the pool in Restaurante Manglares at Fiesta Americana Travelty

Escape the commonplace


Swimming pool, palm trees & sun loungers at Fiesta Americana Travelty


All our vacation residences feature striking architecture, a modern vibe, a passion for space and a cult of comfort. You’re on holiday: surrender to pleasure.

Family making sand creations on a sea shore near Fiesta Americana Travelty


This is home, where memories are made. Savor the moment. Devote yourself to enjoying your loved ones. We’ll take care of taking care you.

Couple kayaking on the ocean at sunset near Fiesta Americana Travelty


Discover. Explore. Barefoot or in climbing boots. On foot or on wheels. By land, by air or by water. Build your own adventure. A hot tub and a cold drink await your return.