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Indulge in a culinary journey that captivates and delights your taste buds. Led by Chef César Germain, our expert team transports you on a gastronomic adventure like no other. From tantalizing Asian flavors at Hidden Garden to a selection of the finest national and international cuisine, each dish promises a memorable dining experience.

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Italian | Italian | Casual

Located under the shade of a large tree, this restaurant delights your palate with delicious pastas, paninis, salads, calzoni and, of course, pizzas. 

  • Open Monday to Sunday from 12h to 23h.

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Author's Cooking | Signature Cuisine | Resort Chic

Savor an exquisite dinner created with the flavors of Latin cuisine and an emphasis on local Mexican ingredients.

  • Open Monday to Sunday from 18h to 23h.

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Grill - Barbecue | Grill | Barbecue

Additional charges apply.

Carnivore, a tribute to fire and grill.

Behind every dish, there is a story that takes us back to a time-honored tradition, perfected over generations. A craft that envelops each cut of meat in flames, transforming it into an authentic feast.

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Sea Corner

Seafood | Seafood | Casual

This restaurant is the perfect setting for a seafood feast. Savor delicious ceviches, tacos and fresh tropical cocktails.

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Mexican | Mexican | Casual

Savor a delicious themed buffet at lunchtime, while evenings bring surprises with Italian and Mexican specialty buffets.

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Mediterranean | Mediterranean | Casual

Enjoy Mexican, North American and South American dishes, in addition to the exclusive "olive bar", the catch of the day and the tasty pizzas.

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Sushi Station

Sushi | Sushi | Casual

Subtle, eclectic and seductive. Experience the ambiance of this contemporary restaurant, dedicated to Japanese sushi cuisine.

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Egos Bar

Drinks | Drinks | Business Casual

Entertainment, intensity, sensuality—there's no limit to the good energy flowing in this exclusive, modern and fun bar.

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Hidden Garden

Asian | Asian | Business Casual

Located within the unique shelter of a serene garden, our chef surprises your palate with an avant-garde concept that blends exquisite Asian flavors.

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Aka Bar

Pub | Pub | Business Casual

Indulge in the seductive atmosphere reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea as you savor a fine selection of national and international drinks.

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Café Deli Boutique

Coffee | Coffee | Casual

The perfect place to enjoy a delicious coffee or aromatic tea accompanied by a delicious cake or dessert.

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