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Diana & Josh

October 19TH, 2024


Every wedding is a story written in the hearts of those who decide to come together, a unique tale that begins with a "yes" and is strengthened with every step, every dream, and every shared challenge. It is the testament of the promise, not just to be together, but to support, care for, and love each other unconditionally.

A wedding is, essentially, a celebration of love, a moment to remember that in a world of infinite possibilities, two hearts have chosen to beat as one, where love is crowned as the true protagonist. Because beyond the flowers, the dresses, and the ceremonies, what really matters is the sacred bond that is strengthened today.

To our beloved friends and family. We are so incredibly honored that you will be traveling to join us for the celebration of our wedding, and we hope you will be able to enjoy your stay in this beautiful city. Most of all, thank you for the support, love, and friendship you each add to our lives every day. All our love,

Diana & Josh

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Fiesta Americana Reforma

Grand Fiesta Americana Chapultepec

Fiesta Americana México Satélite


Moments of happiness are those moments that, like rays of sunshine crossing a cloudy sky, illuminate our lives with joy and warmth. We want to share with you our happiness and excitement at starting a new chapter in our lives.

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Transportation to your event

We understand that your plans to enjoy your stay can be an exciting experience, and we want to make sure you get there safely and worry-free.

Please contact the concierge at the hotel; they will be happy to assist you!


Local Attractions

Our concierge and other members of our staff are on hand to provide suggestions and recommendations for you.

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Exquisite Cuisine and a Luxurious Atmospheres