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The Arch of Cabo San Lucas near Fiesta Americana Travelty
Authentic Mexican Paradise

Travel a route whose beauty increases with beautiful beaches of golden sand, cold waters and majestic settings where you can contemplate unparalleled sunsets.

Chorizo ​​steak dish with tomatoes & mushroom served with wine at Fiesta Americana Travelty
An adventure for your palate

From the typical dishes of each region, to menus that include flavors of sea and land, this route is a sublime experience.

A woman crafting a cross using beads at Fiesta Americana Travelty
Experience Mexican Culture

Travel and fall in love with the cultural richness that is reflected in each artisan piece created by Mexican talent.

The best routes to travel through Mexico

Discover, choose, and make your plan that best suits you.

Fiesta Americana Travelty is an outstanding platform that offers numerous opportunities and options for unforgettable getaways, long-awaited journeys, or successful stays.

Let us help you create incredible experiences in hotels that captivate and inspire in the most fascinating destinations to explore. We bring together irresistible offers, making it easy to plan everything... The challenging part will be resisting the urge to travel again and again.

Our Routes


Culture Route

Travel and live an unparalleled experience surrounded by the incredible culture of each of the state on this route. Here you can discover the most emblematic places and explore corners where the wealth of heritage and history will surround you in amazing environments. Natural beauties and traditions are complemented by contemporary culture, creating a comprehensive and highly enjoyable trip from start to finish.


Craft Route

Travel and fall in love with the cultural richness that is reflected in each handcrafted piece created by raw Mexican talent. Discover the colors and textures in unique representations that reflect the history of each state––true jewels of priceless art. Walk the streets, admire the architecture, and watch your admiration grow every step of the way.


Gastronomic Route

Travel and savor the best of that each of these three states has to offer. Experience the wide variety of gastronomic marvels that will delight any palate. From the traditional dishes of each region, to menus that include flavors from the sea and land, this route is a sublime experience. Each tasting will be paired with a perfect beverage option, including coffee, which is a must-see in this region––a delight for any occasion


Northern Route

Travel and admire the majesty of the north of the country with incredible scenes offered by each state from beaches to cities, from the cultural to the commercial to the gastronomic. The cultural wealth is invaluable. Explore and enjoy each adventure where proximity to the border allows you to discover the magic that happens when two cultures blend together, but where the Mexican prevails in every corner.


Pacific Route

Travel and be surprised by this route–– an authentic Mexican paradise whose beauty shines in exquisite beaches of golden sand, cool waters, and majestic sunsets. Here you can have unique experiences, such as admiring the incredible fauna of this region, exploring natural landscapes that will leave you amazed, and enjoying the wonders of local cuisine.


Mayan Route

Travel and learn about one of the enchanting and rich history of Mexico, marvel at Mayan culture, and witness greatness. This route is undoubtedly the perfect opportunity to discover the Mexican peninsula, enjoy its natural charms, visit the most iconic archaeological sites, and have a truly memorable trip.