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Ciudad del Carmen

Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, is one of those wonderful travel destinations in México that you will want to return to again and again. Prepare to be amazed at every turn. Ciudad del Carmen is a destination known for its colorful historical monuments and many churches, owing to its colonial past; don't forget to visit the most important sites. Enjoy a walk along the beautiful boardwalk so you can appreciate the incredible views of the seascape. Cross the El Zacatal bridge and create lasting memories.

Events & Activities

Ciudad del Carmen Event Calendar

Lady sliding down a pool slide near Fiesta Americana Travelty

Ruta Delfín

Popular swimming competition held yearly in the Laguna de Terminos.

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Close-up of mask in El Carnaval near Fiesta Inn Hotels

El Carnaval

This festival is one of the most exciting and popular events in the municipality of Carmen.

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