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Visit this beautiful destination in México, and experience all that it has to offer. Durango boasts gorgeous historic buildings surrounded by nature. Capital of the state that bears the same name, it is a destination that has witnessed significant historical feats, dating from the time of the Revolution. We recommend that you visit the Plaza de Armas and the Panteón Civil, or take a tram tour where you’ll learn about the most important events. And don’t miss a unique experience: an excursion to the park of the Viejo Oeste (Old West).

Events & Activities

Durango Event Calendar

Close-up of a lady shopping in the market near One Hotels

Feria Nacional de Durango

Amazing shows, exhibitions and international artists await you at this fantastic festival.

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Mexican musicians on a city street near One Hotels

Feria Internacional Revueltas

Feria Internacional Revueltas is the foremost event of cultural expression in the state of Durango.

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07/14/2024 - 07/30/2024 view this event
07/13/2024 - 10/22/2024 view this event
10/27/2024 - 11/05/2024 view this event
04/02/2024 - 04/16/2024 view this event

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